vSphere 6.5 – Upload log bundles to VMware direct from the vSphere Web Client

by admin

I stumbled across this new feature recently when working on a SR with VMware. It’s now possible to upload log files requested by VMware support directly from the vSphere Web Client. To do so, click ‘Administration’ on the menu, then ‘Upload File to Service Request’:


From here you can select the file you wish to upload and enter the SR reference number:


Note that your vCenter will need internet access to “https://*.vmware.com:443/” in order for the upload to be successful. If you’re using the VCSA you can set the proxy settings if required via the admin portal: https://hostname:5480. Log in as root then configure the proxy settings on the ‘Networking’ page:


You can, of course, also use the methods to get files to VMware outlined in this KB article.

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