I stumbled across this new feature recently when working on a SR with VMware. It’s now possible to upload log files requested by VMware support directly from the vSphere Web Client. To do so, click ‘Administration’ on the menu, then ‘Upload File to Service Request’:


From here you can select the file you wish to upload and enter the SR reference number:


Note that your vCenter will need internet access to “https://*.vmware.com:443/” in order for the upload to be successful. If you’re using the VCSA you can set the proxy settings if required via the admin portal: https://hostname:5480. Log in as root then configure the proxy settings on the ‘Networking’ page:


You can, of course, also use the methods to get files to VMware outlined in this KB article.


I had a project recently to deploy a three node highly available vROPs 6.4 solution. This included the master node, a master replica and a remote collector situated in a different datacenter. Due to security requirements it was necessary to replace the default self-signed certificates with a trusted certificate signed by an internal CA. I hadn’t had cause to do this before with vROPs, so thought I’d go through the process I followed here.

When deployed, each vROPs node has its own self-signed cert created, and is trusted by the other nodes when it is joined to an existing vROPs cluster. The self-signed certificates are different on each node, and have a ‘common name’ that relates to the order in which the node was added to the cluster. The master node’s cert will have a ‘common name’ of ‘vc-ops-slice-1’. The next node to be joined will have a certificate with the common name set to ‘vc-ops-slice-2’ and so on: [click to continue…]


VCSA 6.0 /storage/core 100% Usage

March 9, 2017

I ran into this issue recently when one of the vCenter appliances in my test environment triggered this alarm in the vSphere web client: Logging into the VCSA via SSH and running ‘df –h’ showed that the /storage/core area was indeed 100% utilized:

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AWS VPC Limits Flashcards

January 17, 2017

I’ve created these flashcards on AWS VPC limits as I’m currently studying for AWS certification – maybe useful to some as a study aid! Note that some of the limits can be increased by submitting a request. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for more information. 

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VCAP6-DCV Design – Storage Policies and Storage DRS

January 5, 2017

The intention of this post is to take a look at storage policies, storage vMotion and Storage DRS from a design perspective, to address the exam objective focusing on these technologies. The idea here is not to explain the technologies in detail, there’s plenty of information else where – instead I will look to highlight […]

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VCAP6-DCV Design – Storage IO Control

December 23, 2016

I’ve written about Storage IO Control previously, when covering the VCAP5-DCA objectives. I wanted to revisit the topic as part of my preparations for the design certification. So to start, what is Storage IO Control or SIOC?  VMware state that: “vSphere Network I/O Control (NIOC) and vSphere Storage I/O Control (SIOC) monitors your network  and storage […]

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Upgrading VCSA to 6.5

November 24, 2016

I recently upgraded the infrastructure hosting my lab environment to vSphere 6.5, as it had been running on vSphere 5.5 for quite a while. I was keen to check out the new features 6.5 offers – which are covered in detail here, and wanted to see how smooth the upgrade process is. This post covers […]

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Increasing Allocated Disk Space for an External Platform Services Controller

November 8, 2016

I had an issue recently with logs on an external Platform Services Controller using up over 90% of the available free space on the volume. In the past, when I’ve needed to extend disk space on a VCSA I have followed this VMware KB which instructs how to extend disk space using ‘vpxd_servicecfg storage lvm autogrow’, […]

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Updating VCSA 6.0 to 6.0 U2

October 6, 2016

I recently updated my vCenter Server Appliance and external Platform Services Controller in my lab to 6.0 U2, as I wanted to make use of the re-introduced VAMI, though there are also a number of other improvements.  The VAMI or Appliance Management User Interface has been in the vCenter Server Appliance since version 5.0.  It’s great […]

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Cloning VCSA 6.0

September 26, 2016

I recently had a need to clone my nested lab environment, so I could do some testing without breaking my lab. I had some issues with the cloned VCSAs networking, so posting what I worked through here. When starting the cloned VCSA, the progress bar halted around three quarters of the way along. I hit […]

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