VCP6-CMA – Adding a vCenter Endpoint

by admin

This follows on from my recent articles on deploying and configuring vRealize Automation. Before you can start creating fabric groups in vRA, vCenter needs to be added as an Endpoint, so that vRA can access the resources it presents.

To add a vCenter endpoint we need to log into vRA (https://FQDN/vcac/) as an IaaS Admin, then go to the Infrastructure tab, then the ‘Endpoints’ menu item:


From the ‘New Endpoint’ menu item, select Virtual | vSphere:


In the new page, configure the necessary settings to connect to the vCenter instance:


Ensure that you add credentials that have administrator  access to the vCenter instance. Once done, vRA will begin to collect information from the vCenter instance. And that’s it – with the vCenter endpoint added you will now be able to create fabric groups to make use of the resources presented by vCenter.

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