Create DRS and DPM Alarms

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This will just be a quick post to cover the VCAP-DCA objective around creating alarms to monitor DRS and DPM enabled clusters.

vCenter allows you to create alarms to monitor DRS related events. In the Alarms tab, for a host or cluster, under ‘Definitions’, right click and select ‘New Alarm’. In the dialog box for creating the new alarm, choose ‘cluster’ as the alarm type:


You can then create the required triggers to monitor the DRS cluster:


Alerts can be created for DPM by looking for host events. When setting up the alert, select ‘Hosts’ rather than ‘Cluster’ for the alert type:


Ensure that ‘Monitor for specific events’ is selected. Then under the ‘Triggers’ tab you can select relevant DPM related events:


These include:

  • DRS cannot exit the host out of standby mode
  • DRS entered standby mode
  • DRS entering standby mode
  • DRS exited standby mode
  • DRS exiting standby mode

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